Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

At Lindley Chiropractic Health

We use a Motion Palpation technique to adequately assess each patient on an individual visit basis providing the needed care at the time of service. Each appointment slot provides you with an adequate amount of time to discuss any and all areas needing to be addressed during the visit. At each appointment, you can expect a full body evaluation to determine the root of your pain and area(s) that have restricted movement contributing to your pain area(s). Next Dr. Lindley will thoroughly explain his findings and recommendations for chiropractic treatment. At this time he will make sure all parties are comfortable moving forward, that Insurance benefits or payment options have been discussed and that everyone is in agreement to move forward. 


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Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. Lindley uses a combination of Motion Palpation evaluation to assess the patient’s needs in order to curate a unique treatment routine for your individualized care. As well as any rehab and soft tissue work needed. He will then perform the necessary adjustments explained and agreed upon. Throughout your treatment, you can expect multiple reevaluations of your pain/ troubled areas to assure that the adjustments provided are adequately targeting those area(s).

At the end of each visit, Dr. Lindley will provide you with any and all home care recommendations and or exercises as well as his recommendation for moving forward. We understand that life is busy and are here to accommodate the schedule and care routine that best fits you and your needs. We pride ourselves in treating each patient with individualized care that is reassessed each and every visit.

Please call our office with any care questions or concerns, we are happy to help!

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